Collective intelligence

Collective intelligence

Collective intelligence for sound decisions.

Phar helps you create a collaborative and learning company culture for the sharing of skills and knowledge.

Maximize the impact of business intelligence by extracting relevant content and simplifying information


Create a time to observe, discuss and make sense of the information gathered


Provide a framework for richer, more satisfying and efficient collaboration and engagement


Workshops for information synthesis

The Synthesis Workshop democratizes BI information by extracting key signals and identifying trends. 

This workshop allows for open discussions to understand the implications of strategic intelligence for each member of your team.

Strategic decision making workshops

The Strategic Decision Making Workshop helps move from information to strategic action. 

In this workshop, we answer the following 4 questions using various collective intelligence tools and techniques:

-What do we know (Synthesis of intelligence bulletins)
-What do we think (Open discussion to understand the implication of strategic information for each team member)
-What can we do (Brainstorming)
-What will we do (Action plan)

Activation workshops

The corporate activation workshop allows you to explore various collective intelligence tools and to define together the best way to transform strategic information from monitoring into concrete actions.

Why collective intelligence?

Collective intelligence is a collaborative work method that consists of mobilizing the knowledge, skills and experiences of several people to solve a problem or achieve a common goal. It leverages the diversity of viewpoints and skills to generate innovative ideas, creative solutions and more informed decisions.

Collective intelligence is based on principles of collaboration, active participation, mutual trust, listening and respect for each other's opinions. It uses tools and methods that encourage the participation of all members of a group or organization, such as co-creation workshops, brainstorming sessions, open forums and online collaboration platforms.

The benefits of collective intelligence for businesses are numerous:

  • Generate creative ideas and solutions by mobilizing diverse perspectives.
  • Foster innovation and creativity by encouraging risk-taking and the exploration of new ideas.
  • Strengthen team cohesion and employee commitment by actively involving them in problem solving.
  • Promote informed decision-making by taking into account everyone's opinions.
  • Promote agility and adaptability by allowing teams to quickly adjust to changes in the environment.
In short, collective intelligence allows companies to mobilize the potential of their employees to solve problems, innovate and make informed decisions. It also promotes the development of a corporate culture based on collaboration, listening and mutual respect.
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