Market intelligence

Market intelligence

Expertise and technologies for the most efficient market intelligence

Phar is the leader in market intelligence in Canada for companies and organizations in market and product development and social innovation.

Grow your business

Grow your business

Market trends

Emerging needs

News from your customers

Industry events


Keep track of your competition

New product launch

New services

Best practices

Strategic hires




Keep up with industry innovations

New technologies



Customer experience


Fuel your social platforms

Emerging trends

Identification of influencers and experts

Monitoring of communities and interest groups


Support your sourcing

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A few words from our customers

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As soon as we received the first monitoring bulletin, we obtained quality information that we had missed in our usual monitoring.

Marlène Hutchinson
Marlène Hutchinson
CEO, Evnia
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The information obtained from Phar has helped us increase our market intelligence and supported us in the development of our international partnerships

Alain Courchesne
Alain Courchesne
CEO, Doggy Bathroom
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The concept of personalized monitoring has played a central role in our support offer to companies.  In addition, the association has taken advantage of all this knowledge to position itself as a key source in our industry.

Philippe Blais
Philippe Blais
General Manager, AMQ
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The Phar team is always there to support us in reaching our objectives resulting from strategic intelligence.  For Laval Innov, it was a better understanding of an issue faced by our members and develop a solution based on the best practices. 

François Bilodeau
François Bilodeau
General Manager, Laval Innov
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The information obtained was relevant, usable and of a level that could guide our decisions for marketing, sales and technological development.

John Ahern
John Ahern
CEO, Comlab
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Our experience with Phar's market intelligence has been very successful. Almost all the information gathered during the exercise could be used immediately, the others were used in a strategic context.

Ariane Garon
CEO, Dracal Techologies

Our collaborative integrations


Why augmented market intelligence?

Market intelligence is a process that consists of collecting, analyzing and using relevant information on the environment of a company or organization in order to make informed decisions and anticipate future developments. It allows to follow the evolution of the market, competitors, technologies, regulations and any other factor that may have an impact on the company's activity.

Market intelligence is important because it allows companies to :

Identify emerging opportunities and threats in the marketplace.
Anticipate changes in the competitive environment and adapt their strategy accordingly.
Make more informed decisions by having access to accurate and up-to-date information.
Innovate by identifying emerging trends and customer needs.
Position themselves proactively to meet market needs and avoid potential risks.
In short, business intelligence allows companies to remain competitive and make the right decisions at the right time.

The contribution of our super curators

Our unique approach is to provide our clients with in-depth analysis of weak signals from market intelligence in order to contextualize the observed signals and enable knowledge sharing for your team.   Check out our team of analysts and super curators who provide high-level market intelligence!

Follow your markets with us!