Customs Regulatory Watch

Customs Regulatory Watch

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We offer real-time monitoring of current and future regulatory changes on your products/markets, accompanied by analysis by a customs and logistics expert.

Be customs-compliant

Be customs compliant

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Follow the regulations

Follow the regulations


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Strengthen your logistics

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Our customs and logistics expert continuously monitors and comments on your watch to reduce your logistics costs and control your import and shipping risks.

Jean-François Laurin
Jean-François Laurin
Super curator, customs and logistics

Why customs watch?

Customs monitoring offers many advantages for companies operating internationally or subject to specific regulations. Here are some of the main advantages:

  1. Conformity  : Customs watch enables a company to remain compliant with current laws, regulations and standards. This reduces the risk of sanctions, litigation and fines, which can lead to significant savings.

  2. Risk reduction: By actively monitoring changes in customs regulations and laws, a company can anticipate potential risks and take steps to mitigate them. This includes reducing the risk of non-compliance, delays in shipments, confiscation of goods, etc.

  3. Improved cost management: Knowledge of customs regulations and laws can help optimize costs associated with imports and exports. This includes the ability to take advantage of tax benefits, minimize customs duties and reduce compliance costs.

  4. Managing lead times: Effective regulatory intelligence enables more efficient management of lead times associated with customs procedures, authorizations and certifications. This can help reduce delays in supply chains and improve the company's responsiveness.

  5. Better resource management: By being aware of regulatory requirements, a company can efficiently allocate its human and financial resources to complying with customs regulations and laws, rather than wasting them on resolving problems resulting from non-compliance.

  6. Informed decision making: Regulatory and customs intelligence enables informed decisions to be made about importing, exporting and international business development. This includes strategic planning, international market management and compliance with local standards.

  7. Company reputation: A company that scrupulously complies with customs regulations and laws can enhance its reputation and credibility in the national and international marketplace. This can attract trusted business partners and compliance-conscious customers.

  8. Competitive advantage: Regulatory compliance can also give a company a competitive edge by enhancing its reputation, reducing costs and fostering the confidence of customers and business partners.

In short, regulatory and customs intelligence enables companies to comply with laws and regulations, reduce risks, optimize costs, make informed decisions and enhance their reputation. It is essential for success in a complex and constantly changing international business environment.

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