Market intelligence training

Do like many organizations and companies, successfully implement your market monitoring program with our team with our 5-week program!

  • A 30 minute preparatory call with the trainer

  • 5 interactive workshops of 60 minutes each

  • Online access to exclusive training materials, preparatory tools, analysis grids and training support materials.

  • A personalized support to realize or improve your monitoring plan

  • A time bank of 10 hours of coaching to support you in the implementation of the monitoring or its optimization.

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Phar's training has been instrumental in developing our internal monitoring strategy. Today, we have automated our systems and our newsletters allow us to engage our members to better promote their interests.

Patrick Bérubé
General Manager
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We appreciated the involvement, expertise, creativity, passion and availability of the trainers.

Pascal Cermak
Manager, sales and marketing

Who are the trainers?

Our trainers have been providing strategic intelligence to over 75 companies and professional organizations for several years.

Guillaume Cariou

As a senior trainer, Guillaume has been working in the field of international business intelligence in various sectors for more than 12 years. He has been able to perfect his expertise and successfully test and use several business intelligence tools and platforms.  A researcher at heart, Guillaume is a great listener and sensitive to his clients' needs.  He never hesitates to explore new avenues in order to find the key information.

Caroline Bouchard

Curious and forward-thinking, Caroline is an eternal student who feeds off information and turns it into action. Caroline is a global citizen, a catalyst for initiatives and a true enthusiast who loves to co-create opportunities for others. Her intention in life: to be inspired to make THE difference.

Mathieu Lapointe

Combining a passion for international exchanges and the quest for strategic information, Mathieu has been acting as an advisor and watchdog for several years with major companies and associations. It was therefore only natural for Mathieu to found Phar with select partners, in order to provide the Quebec ecosystem with first-level strategic tools. Curious by nature, Mathieu loves to develop collaborations and bring ideas to life.