Confidentiality of information

Our commitment to our clients and partners

We would like to express our firm commitment to the confidentiality of information, an essential pillar of our business.  At Phar, we consider the protection of sensitive data as a primary responsibility towards our customers, our employees and all the stakeholders who place their trust in us.  This commitment is an integral part of our corporate culture and core values.

Statement of our commitments

    1. Privacy at the heart of our business: We recognize the vital importance of preserving the confidentiality of information in all aspects of our business. Whether it's our customers' personal data, sensitive commercial information or corporate strategies, we are committed to implementing adequate security measures to protect this information from unauthorized access, disclosure or inappropriate use.

    2. Protecting our customers' trust: The trust our customers place in us is one of our most precious resources. We take this trust very seriously and consider it our duty to preserve the confidentiality of all the data our customers entrust to us. We are committed to using this information only for the services we provide, ensuring that it is secure throughout its lifecycle.

    3. Employee responsibility and awareness:We believe that every employee plays a crucial role in respecting the confidentiality of information. That's why we invest in training and raising our staff's awareness of data security best practices and privacy compliance. Every member of our team is required to comply with confidentiality policies and procedures, to ensure the protection of our customers' and our company's information.

    4. Security and state-of-the-art technology:We are committed to maintaining high security standards by implementing state-of-the-art technologies to protect information. This includes the use of access management systems, encryption, firewalls and other advanced security solutions. Our IT infrastructure is constantly updated to meet emerging threats and ensure that our data remains safe.

    5. Compliance with applicable regulations: We are committed to complying with all data protection and privacy regulations that apply to our industry. Whether it's the GDPR, CCPA or other similar legislation, we ensure that our practices comply with legal requirements to protect the rights and privacy of our customers.


    In conclusion, our commitment to the confidentiality of information is a promise we take very seriously. We will continue to invest in best security practices, train our team and implement appropriate technologies to protect the information you entrust to us. This commitment is an integral part of our corporate culture, and we remain determined to maintain your trust and preserve the integrity of our business relationships.

    Thank you for your continued confidence in Phar. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding our commitment to privacy.

    Best regards,

    The Phar team