Our offer

Market Monitoring

Follow and react in real time!

  • Clients: business opportunities, development projects and programs, calls for tenders, award of contracts, product evolution, etc.
  • Competitors: positioning and offer, prices of services and products, mergers and acquisitions, investments, workforce, new partnerships etc.
  • Business environment: market trends, events and networking, analysis, cultural aspects
  • Legal environment: regulations, norms and standards, import-export (customs)
  • Technological environment: patents, direct and cross technological innovations, best industrial practices, etc.
Our Approach

Market Intelligence

Adopt the best positioning and take your place in your market!

  • Digital Benchmark
  • Market research and validation
  • Brand Perception Analysis
  • Customer profiling & digital personas
  • Identification of opinion leaders and strategic partners
  • Development strategies

Strategic Decision Making

Find innovative solutions to key issues by leveraging the strengths of your team!

  • Facilitation of "codevelopment" meetings - specific tools and methods
  • Decision-making support - integration of elements of collective thinking into the company's overall strategy

Business agility

By combining market monitoring, market intelligence and strategic decision making, we support you in the development of true business agility!

  • Continuous enrichment of strategic plans and market studies
  • Team mobilization - knowledge transfer and motivation
  • Enhanced reactivity - fast reaction-to-market
  • Leading-edge technology and business positioning
  • Be proactive with communities of interest